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Getting Into Character

In Life Essays, writing on September 22, 2010 at 8:30 am

So today is an all day writing day. I’m not doing laundry…although it needs to be done, no dusting, vacuuming….okay, I made my bed, and I’ll cook dinner, but that’s where it ends. Today is for writing.  Sam Hunter, author of Pick Me Up a Blaze novel, commented on this today in a writing forum, calling it “Bracketing”, and it really made me think about how often I let the lines of my life blur….and do my character’s do that?

I don’t know how many other writer’s feel that their character’s tell their own story, I’ve seen a few comments from other writer’s, but I feel very strongly that my characters have a story to tell, and I want to let them tell it. My current character, Randi lives in Hermosa Beach, which isn’t far from me. I often see her running on the beach, or sitting in the window of the old building that she lives in on Pier Avenue……in my head of course, because she’s purely fictional, but right now….for me….she’s real. Just ask my husband how real she is, sometimes I think it may scare him!!

Anyway, I can see that Randi is also guilty of letting the lines of her life blur. The beach is right outside her window. She’s a fashion designer, and will slip out to run on the beach, or take a dip in the ocean, when she gets tired of sitting at her design table or sewing machine.

So today, I’m taking my pen and my notebook (yes I write my drafts by hand, then edit on the computer) and I’m going to the beach with RandiAt the Beach. Yes, we’ll probably power walk on the beach (this will frustrate her because she’d prefer to run, but I’m not much of a runner), we’ll just say that it stimulates our creative juices, and after enjoying our yogurts and fresh fruit while listening to the waves crash, we can both sit in the sand…her with her drawing pad, and me with my notebook, and we’ll work……….