Last Day for the Good Health Good Food Contest!

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Today is the last day to comment on my Good Health, Good Food….and a Contest post to be entered into the drawing for the AMC movie tickets. So many of you have commented and left great tips. I’ll update you as I try them out!

Just a little update on how I’m doing. I still haven’t had a diet cola….woo hoo!! It’s been over two months, and I still want it, but I haven’t had one. I did indulge in a regular cola on mother’s day, but it was just too sweet!! As for food…I’m having days when I eat really healthy, and days when I screw up, but I just start over the next day, and the screw ups are getting farther and farther apart.

One thing that is helping is that I’ve started exercising…and who wants to put junk in their body when they’ve just finished working out. Yesterday I went on a two mile walk (for some of you this is nothing, but I’m going to have to build up slowly). I went down to Redondo…of course…and walked along the strand. It was amazing how many people were working out on the beach on a Monday morning!! There were walkers, runners, cyclists (of various kinds) roller skaters, surfers, people stair climbing, and people planking on the beach. It was inspiring, and I felt so good about doing something healthy for myself!

Anyway, don’t forget to leave a healthy recipe or good health tip today…you can leave it here or over at the original post, and I’ll make sure that you get into the drawing.planking

Check back here next Monday, the 20th, for the winner…you must respond with your address to my e-mail address by May 31st, 2012 or I will have to select a new winner.

Thank you for all of the great tips I’ve gotten already….maybe some of you are trying them, let me know!!stairclimbinb


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