Procrastination/Redirecting Tomato/Tomatoe

In Life Essays, writing on September 27, 2010 at 10:12 am

It seems that a lot of writer’s have a problem with procrastination. I see questions on forums and in writing groups such as “how do you keep yourself motivated” “I think I’m the queen of procrastination what do I do?”

I personally don’t think I like the word procrastinating, I’m sure I never procrastinate when it comes to my writing, after all I love writing….I prefer to say that I’m “redirecting”…I’m not writing because I’ve redirected my attention to the housework (you know I like a clean house,and I live with 3 guys and a black dog, this isn’t procrastination it’s necessity….right?”) cooking (hey, again I have 3 guys to feed, this is a time consuming job! not just the cooking, but the shopping and clean up)… the sewing I want to do for the holidays, well, it won’t be the holidays unless I sew!!… exercise….okay, anything but the exercise, I’ll redirect my energy right back toward the writing so that I don’t have to exercise…..hmmmm, maybe that’s a plan, have my trainer call to set up an appointment more often so that I can procrastinate on my workout by HAVING TO WRITE!

I think that should solve the problem….oh, and no time for my annual mammogram, I HAVE TO WRITE….hey, this could work out well…….nope, can’t help you guys clean out the garage I HAVE TO WRITE……I may be able to redirect right back to my writing….and get out of a few things I just hate to do!!!

Sorry guys, gotta go,  I think I have to write!!

Redirecting my attention to the Torrance Farmer's Market


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