Notebooks, Journals & Run-On Sentences

In Life Essays, writing on September 23, 2010 at 11:05 am

So I’ve been on a quest to read writing blogs, and this morning on the Harlequin site, I really connected with Natalie Anderson’s blog on  journal issues, “It’s My Journal and I’ll Write if I want to”,  so I decided that journals would be a good subject for my blog today:

My husband says I’m responsible for the death of more trees than anyone else he knows.  Spiral notebooks are my addiction, and I’m afraid I have them for every “category” of my life; one for my current writing project, which means one for every past writing project, and one for each idea I have for future writing projects, one for personal reflection, one for cooking, one for
holiday planning.

Then of course, I tear out pages to reorganize them into binders…yes,
it’s true, and for my writing, I have to keep every draft…and all of
my notes, so there are pockets in those binders for little notes I’ve
written to myself, research that I’ve done that I don’t want misplaced,
and pages with notes that refer to other pages, and pages that I’ve
actually cut up and glued back together in a new order…….now that’s
not a big deal when you are writing a short story, or poetry or a 2000
word article, (okay, it’s pretty obsessive compulsive) but I have a 3″
deep binder for a book, with several gold 10″ X 13″ envelopes with
the remains of the first 3 or 4 drafts, notebook pages, scraps of paper, and other miscellaneous goodies that require their own file drawer…..

The really crazy thing is, for Christmas my middle son
bought me a beautiful journal with a sterling silver front cover
specially engraved for me with a matching slim sterling silver pen, and then in July for my birthday my husband bought me a beautiful
handmade leather journal with handmade paper pages…..I’m afraid to
write in either….what if I make a mistake….how could I write
something that isn’t perfect in these beautiful journals….IT’S JUST TOO MUCH PRESSURE FOR ME…..seriously, there is no pressure when you write with a  10 cent clear Bic pen, in a spiral notebook that you bought for 15 cents at a back to school sale……….

So, I hear you…journal online, write online….keep it in a laptop, neatly organized with files and categories, but all in one spot…you simply don’t understand me. There are certain things that I simply must write by hand, and somethings that I need to cross out and write over, and I like writing slanted notes in the margins, and I like to see the way my handwriting looks on different days as the ideas spill out of me, and sometimes I don’t want my the journal where I write about my real life anywhere near the pages that contain the fictional lives of my characters…because you know of course, my real life never influences my characters lives….of course…..you know that right? Okay, maybe just a little….

Did I tell you all that I am the Queen of Run-On Sentences????? (Please refer to my previous blog entry “Still the Queen”)

  1. I love your real life stories!!!!

  2. Thank you, Aunt Gloria, real life is easiest to write about!! Although I see some typos…tomorrow I’ll have to edit this….

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