Elusive Muse

In poetry on November 12, 2009 at 3:50 am

I hadn’t planned on sharing poetry, but a post I read by another writer about a ‘naughty muse’, reminded me of this poem I had written a few years back.

Elusive Muse

Deep within the whispering trees
I hear my own voice call to me. It’s lilting notes are soft and low,
floating where the breezes blow.
Then disappears without a sound.

For fleeting seconds I can contain
It’s artful, and sincere refrain
But then it’s suddenly gone…..again.

Sometimes at night when I’m asleep
Into dreams my voice will creep,
Into my mind the dulcet tones seep.

The very brilliance of the sound
Of my own voice, on my mind pounds,
And then, again, it can’t be found.

Early before the sun is full,
My voice will come to playfully duel,
The challenge offering up some jewel.

Then slip away as I astound
Was there ever any sound?
I don’t know it can’t be found.

-by Tari Lynn Jewett

  1. Thanks for sharing. I felt like I was traveling along that winding riverbed.Stay inspired!

  2. Tari, I loved it! would love to read more of them

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