Still the Queen

In writing on November 9, 2009 at 4:29 am

So apparently to write in the new millennium you need to go hi-tech. Write a blog, network on social networking sites, read e-zines, and when your editor texts you with a ‘go ahead’ for an assignment, you better be able to text back. For a writer who prefers to write in a wide ruled spiral notebook with a 10 cent blue Bic pen, sent all her queries and manuscripts by snail mail ten years ago when she was actually writing, and didn’t get the internet for years because she felt like it was a betrayal to her library card……this is a whole new world.

But here I am, on the web, starting a blog (hope you’ll bear with me) getting connected.

I’ve always loved writing, and when I was a kid, I wrote almost as much as I read. In the 6th grade, we had a special two week mini-course in typing, and after that I saved every dime of my babysitting money until I could afford to buy my first typewriter at K-mart. It was an avocado green, manual typewriter, no correction….for those of you born after 1980, that means…it didn’t plug into a wall, and you needed White Out if you made a mistake. Hmmm, if that’s not clear enough, there was no wifi, and you better not make a mistake because there was no delete!! By the time I sold my first newspaper article, I did have automatic correction, and by the time I sold my first magazine article in the mid 1986, I had an Olivetti with correction and (drum role please) 500 character memory.

My boys wouldn’t believe it if I told them because I can’t figure out how to make a playlist for my ipod, but my first computer was a top of the line 286 with DOS, and I set it up from the box and loaded it up with the software all by myself. We bought it and an HP Deskjet…no mistake just Deskjet….top of the line. The salesman told me I’d never need another computer or printer. Three years later I was sitting at a writer’s luncheon listening to the other writers talk about their new Pentium’s, without a clue what they were talking about.

One of the writers leaned across the table toward me and called out “Hey, Tari what you working on??”

“A two mumble, mumble, mumble” I tried not to say as I dropped a napkin on the floor in order to duck under the table.

“Did you say a TWO- EIGHTY-SIX?” he hollered as all the other writers turned their wide eyes in my direction……okay, this is my story and that’s how it felt to me.

But, with three young children, and a tough economy, I really couldn’t justify a new computer…. at this time I still didn’t “believe in” the internet, and truth be told, I didn’t actually do my writing on the computer. I did it all in a spiral notebook with the Bic pen, then put it on the computer after I edited.

By the time we upgraded our equipment, and I actually was connected to the internet (dial-up) I was homeschooling the boys, and no longer writing for publication.

So here I am, ten years later, connected with broadband, on a still outdated computer, can’t text because I don’t have a cell phone, but I’m blogging and networking….and still the queen of run on sentences!!!

  1. I bow to the queen ;).Stay inspired!Michelle

  2. Hi, I read the firdt entry, and it's so funny! I too have a blog on here. I will have to figure out how to get you an invite! Amanda

  3. Thanks Ladies, I'm having fun and will be making a new post called "Making the Great Escape" on our move to Wyoming this week.

  4. girl you are slowly getting into the electronic age. You are in better shape than me even tho I can not load an Ipod eitherWhere the the book you are writing, can not wait to read it.Your biggest fan ever and alwaysTEXAS MOM

  5. You are amazing in your style, your ambitions. Good for you! aunt g

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